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Team 600
Team Information
Team LocationSingapore Singapore

Team 600 is a Singaporean team.

History[edit | edit]

2019[edit | edit]

On November 5th, Team 600 was formed. It consisted of Probosu, JYRALERA and Devo. This roster has participated in GAMER Arena x ROG Apex Legends Tourney and was invited to appear in a video with TropicMonstersTV in partnership with Asus ROG.

Timeline[edit | edit]

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • July 21, Devo leaves.

Player Roster[edit | edit]

Active[edit | edit]

R C ID Name Role Joined
Singapore Probosu Marcus Lee 1Player 2019-11-05
Singapore JYRALERA Jerald Tay 1Player 2019-11-05

Former[edit | edit]

R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Singapore Devo Glennda Tan 1Player Logo std.png EXE 2019-11-05 2020-21-07

Team Results[edit | edit]

Team 600 Tournament Results
Total Prize:

Videos[edit | edit]

Pro Gamers vs Celeb Gamers : Who is better at Gaming?

Highlight Videos[edit | edit]

Devo.exe PAYBACK - Apex Legends Montage

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