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Background Information
NameLauri Kouhi
Country of BirthFinland Finland
TeamYMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA Blue
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Feb 2019 - Present
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YMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA Blue

Lauri "Kouhia" Kouhi is a player for YMCA Esports Blue.

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Tournament Results[edit | edit]

Kouhia Tournament Results
2019-03-28C020BoomTV icon.png Code Red Tournament 3 Open QualifierYMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA Blue Jerppe;;Kouhia;;WEku
2019-03-13A11Apex Finland icon.png Apex Finland Weekly Tournament Week 1YMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA Blue Jerppe;;Kouhia;;WEku
2019-02-27A11Apex Finland icon.png Apex Finland First Finnish TournamentLogo std.png YMCA Esports Jerppe;;Kouhia;;WEku
Total Prize:

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