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Background Information
NameJerald Tay
Country of BirthSingapore Singapore
TeamTeam 600logo std.png Team 600
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Team History
Dec 2019 - Dec 2019
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Logo std.png Team JRP
Nov 2019 - "Present"
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Team 600logo std.png Team 600

Jerald "JYRALERA" Tay is a player for Team 600.

Biography[edit | edit]

A native of sunny island, Singapore, JYRALERA played multiple games competitively achieving respectable placements in them. He played a lot of PUBG, along with playing LoL, Overwatch and Rainbow 6 on the side. Achieving Top 50 in all queues for PUBG, reaching Challenger in both queues for LoL, Masters in Overwatch and Platinum for Rainbow 6. Prior to Apex, he was studying Game Design for 3 years at Nanyang Polytechnic before entering the Apex Legends competitive scene.

He began playing Apex Legends back when it first launched and is currently Predator for 2 seasons in a row while peaking at top 3 in the Singapore ladder.

Outside of Apex Legends, JYRALERA enjoys playing video games, analyse and breaking down of gameplay elements and mechanics. He has spoken about coaching or returning to the workforce if his situation limits him from competitive play.

2019[edit | edit]

At the end of the year, JYRALERA temporarily joined Team JRP to compete in the BRSG Apex Community Tournament (P3) and came in 3rd overall.

2020[edit | edit]

JYRALERA stayed with Team 600 as they look to qualify for the ALGS.

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