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G2 Esports
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Team Information
Org LocationSpain Spain
Team LocationUnited States United States
 North America
Sponsor(s)Logitech G
CreatedOrganization 2015-10-15
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G2 Esports is an American team.

History[edit | edit]

Timeline[edit | edit]

  • 2019

Player Roster[edit | edit]

Active[edit | edit]

R C ID Name Role Joined
United States NoWonder Justin Pulley 1Player 2019-03-07
United States PhantomACE Josh 1Player 2019-02-21
United States Saken Ricardo Dixon 1Player 2019-03-07

Organization[edit | edit]

Current[edit | edit]

C ID Name Position
Spain ocelote Carlos Rodríguez Santiago Founder, Co-Owner, & Chief Executive Officer
Germany Jens Hilgers Co-Owner & Chairman
Germany Peter Mucha Chief Operating Officer
Denmark z1n0 Jamie Bach Head of Gaming Development
Germany HuskY Danny Engels Head of Team Operations
Spain krisJaro Krystian Jaroszynski Head of Partnerships
Lithuania ziminaite Karina Ziminaite Head of Communications
Spain Wirtz Jacobo Ramos Head of IT and Infrastructure
Spain Christian Baez Financial Manager
United Kingdom Robert Wylie Social Media Manager
United Kingdom onscreen Craig Shannon 70Streamer
United Kingdom phantasy Mark Pinney Streamer

Team Results[edit | edit]

G2 Esports Tournament Results
2019-03-30C828WeS icon.png WIRE Esports 1k Invitational NoWonder;;PhantomACE;;Saken
2019-03-24B313Strong icon.png Strong Esports 2k Invitational
Total Prize:

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References[edit | edit]

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