ELC Gaming/Legend Series/Season 1/Pre-Season

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ELC Legend Series Pre-Season
Legend Series.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerELC Gaming
Location & Dates
Start Date2019-02-28
End Date2019-04-09

The Legend Series Pre-Season determines the 24 teams seeded into the top division for Season 1.

Overview[edit | edit]

Format[edit | edit]

  • Top 12 teams (24 teams) from each region are seeded into the top division for Season 1

Final Placings[edit | edit]

Place Team
Qualified.png Q Logo std.png YMCA Esports
Logo std.png Never Lucky
Logo std.png Resistance Pls
Logo std.png Alternate Attax
Logo std.png Pomp Moscles
Conquer Gaminglogo std.png Conquer Gaming
Logo std.png Raclette
Logo std.png TeamFrosty
Logo std.png Kopfschiesser
Logo std.png Makka51
Logo std.png No Skill Gaming
Logo std.png ES_Parisee
Team 7logo std.png Team 7
Las Vegas MiniGunnerslogo std.png Las Vegas MiniGunners
Logo std.png Drippy Three
Logo std.png Digital Dynasty
Logo std.png The Boys
Logo std.png TwistedSin Esports
Logo std.png Innovate
Logo std.png Good Vibes Bro
Logo std.png Ego Fraggers
Logo std.png Ministry of Bangers
Logo std.png Bambooze'n
Logo std.png weusevods

Participants[edit | edit]

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