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Background Information
NameGlennda Tan
Country of BirthSingapore Singapore
TeamTeam 600logo std.png Team 600
Competitive IDsDevoHere
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Team History
Nov 2019 - Jul 2020
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Team 600logo std.png Team 600

Glennda "Devo" Tan is a player for Team 600.

Biography[edit | edit]

Glennda "Devo" Tan is the only recorded female PC Apex Predator in Singapore; peaking at top 2 of the Apex Legends Singapore leaderboard. At the launch of Apex Legends, Devo found an extreme liking to the mechanics and pace of the game. She honed a playstyle suitable for herself and her partner, Pathfinder. Known for her disciplined and supportive playstyle, she was on the radars for multiple aspiring professionals who scouted her for their team. Despite attaining the Predator rank, Devo seeks to better her skills—and be the best player of her expectations.

Prior to Apex Legends, Devo has competitive experiences in League of Legends and Overwatch (listed in chronological order).

2020[edit | edit]

Devo leaves Team 600.

Trivia[edit | edit]

An extreme fondness for tiny mammals like hamsters, rabbits, cats and dogs

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