Code Red Tournament 1

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Code Red Tournament 1
Code Red logo.png
Tournament Information
Esports Arena
Dr Disrespect
Prize Pool$ 20,000
Location & Dates
 North America
ServerNorth America
Stream(s)English Twitch
WinnerLogo std.png King's Canyon
SecondLogo std.png VissRespect The Kraft
ThirdLogo std.png Reid's Money Team
FourthLogo std.png Team Trio Clan

Overview[edit | edit]

Format[edit | edit]

  • Double elimination bracket
  • Finals are best of three
  • All other matches are best of one
  • 3 Maps per Match, Trio with the most Points wins
    • Map Win = +8 Points
    • Every Kill = +1 Point
  • Losers Final winner starts with one game disadvantage in the Grand Final
  • If Points are tied, there will be a fourth map
    • If Points are still tied, the trio with the most damage dealt will advance
    • This will be repeated, until there is a winning Trio

Prize Pool[edit | edit]

$ 20,000 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (%) Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1 60% $ 12,000 Logo std.png King's Canyon
Silver.png 2 25% $ 5,000 Logo std.png VissRespect The Kraft
Bronze.png 3 15% $ 3,000 Logo std.png Reid's Money Team
Copper.png 4 - - Logo std.png Team Trio Clan
5-6 - - Logo std.png The Big Weiners
Logo std.png Team Pepeeja
7-8 - - Logo std.png Team Mike & Yikes
Logo std.png Team Avxry

Participants[edit | edit]

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