Code Red/Boom TV Test Qualifier

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Code Red Test Qualifier
Code Red logo.png
Tournament Information
TypeNorth America
Location & Dates
ServerNorth America
WinnerLogo std.png At Least We Tried
SecondLogo std.png PUP
ThirdLogo std.png Team Rye
FourthLogo std.png Team Nex

Overview[edit | edit]

Format[edit | edit]

  • 2 Hour period
  • The top 5 games in the span of the whole 2 hours will be tallied up for the total amount of points
    • Wins = 0 Points
    • Kills = 1 Point

Prize Pool[edit | edit]

Place Team
Gold.png 1 Logo std.png At Least We Tried
Silver.png 2 Logo std.png PUP
Bronze.png 3 Logo std.png Team Rye
Copper.png 4 Logo std.png Team Nex
5 Logo std.png Team Idcpky
6 Logo std.png Team Chris
7 Logo std.png Team Team Dark
8 Logo std.png Team Subjects
9 Logo std.png Team Michael

Participants[edit | edit]

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

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