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Players from Italy[edit]

aQualtisItaly Italyquaqualtis
freddoLuca BacciItaly ItalyStreamFreddoWasTaken
HALThomas AvalloneItaly ItalyStreamAvalloneHal
NisaFederico PortolaniSamsung Morning Starslogo std.png Morning StarsItaly ItalyStreamNisaaOW
POW3RGiorgio CalandrelliItaly Italy
SkannellaFederico RaffaeliLogo std.png Exeed EsportsItaly ItalyStream
stermyAlessandro AvalloneItaly ItalyStreamstermy
StreaMiiiLoris BilardiLogo std.png Exeed EsportsItaly ItalyStreamerStream
thebigoneFederico FantozziItaly Italytheb1gone
vengeurMarco RagusaItaly ItalyStreammyztrovengeur

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