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Players from Finland[edit]

AshHaxOtto HokkanenYMCA Esports Redlogo std.png YMCA RedFinland FinlandStreamAsh_Hax
KouhiaLauri KouhiYMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA BlueFinland FinlandStreamKouhia_ow
MimuSebastian VesalaConquer Gaminglogo std.png Conquer GamingFinland FinlandStreamMimuAPEX
smythjJame TryggYMCA Esports Redlogo std.png YMCA RedFinland FinlandStreamTryggJame
WEkuVerneri SirenYMCA Esports Bluelogo std.png YMCA BlueFinland FinlandStreamWEkuFPS
ZerotsuTimo TurbaevConquer Gaminglogo std.png Conquer GamingFinland FinlandZerotsuAPEX

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