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Team Information
Org LocationChina China
Owner(s)Han "duckweed" Han
CreatedApex Legends 2019-02-27
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1246 is a Chinese esports organization formed by Han Han, the Chinese professional rally driver and writer.

History[edit | edit]

Announced soon after the release of Apex Legends, 1246's original roster consisted of three ex-Overwatch players. luca and RME had both been part of the organization's roster for the game.

Timeline[edit | edit]

  • 2019

Player Roster[edit | edit]

Active[edit | edit]

C ID Name Role Joined
China Fengyan Xu Zheng-Feng (徐政枫) 1Player 2019-03-07
Hong Kong luca Lau Chun Kit (劉俊傑) 1Player 2019-03-02
China RME Lai Zhen-Xing (赖振兴) 1Player 2019-02-27

Organization[edit | edit]

Current[edit | edit]

C ID Name Position
China duckweed Han Han (韩寒) Owner

Team Results[edit | edit]

1246 Tournament Results
2019-03-09I0129-256ESL icon.png ESL Open Cup Asia 1 Fengyan;;luca;;RME
Total Prize:

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